Tuesday, December 16, 2008

brrrrrrrrrr Tuesday

so the cars are registering 3 degrees today instead of 1 so I guess its warmer LOL I do believe it feels a ton warmer since the wind isn't whipping today YAY!! silver lining!! and atleast now if it needs to it can snow. the kids are so hoping for an early out today.

last night was a bust... I cracked my knee cap on the doorway to the stairs running up last night & thought for SURE it was broken but alas not even a bruise or surface swelling yet this mornign just some seriously sore bendy parts :( it was one of those that I thought I was going to puke it hurt so bad.. but I limped on up & out to get pizza & back then napped on the couch for 2 hrs (to help it heal of course--nothing at all to do w/the fact that it was a cold monday evening!!! sheesh) then when I woke up it was SORE & stiff but atleast not broken. then I just chilled on the couch w/a cup o hot cocoa watching a REPO marathon w/Tim.

so far this morning we have run the oven (to bake sausage patties for breakfast) & have laundry + dishes washing. Planning to get some shredding done, cardboard broken down & milk jugs smashed for recycling on Friday. I should find an easy craft using toilet paper tubes for the kids to do in the next week for their parents. or maybe I'll just bake & cut out cookies for them to decorate & take home.. hmmmmmmm thinking thinking thinking.

OH Tim fixed the train under the tree last night!! whohooo go Tim. Maybe I'll wrap some gifts tonight or tomorrow .... here's a collage I did for my December Daily book... totally digging the collage option in Picassa!!!!
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