Monday, November 10, 2008

its officially cold out :)

I am on my second cup of tea this morning.. I have pumpkin baking in the oven to keep it running, we had grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast w/honeycrisp apples, I am planning to bake when the pumpkin is done(roughly 2 hours as I have 2 pans worth of wedges), soon I am running up to get laundry to get started & sometime I hope to sweep & mop the wood floor today!busy busy busy work keeps the blood flowing!!!

good weekend past! lots of down time YAY!! loved it.. jsut wish I had made it to the library to get a new book to have the excuse to snuggle under the blanket & read! oh well.. maybe an evening this week!! I had a good turn out for my Taste of Home party, just needing a couple more orders to be able to get the hostess special (to give it as a Christmas gift :)).

the rest of the month looks to be scattered... different kids gone different days of each week, short week for thanksgiving, should be interesting!! :)
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