Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Monday Morning..

its good because we had a great weekend. AND its not freezing out!! :D

gotta brag!! between the 2 of us this weekend we:
+got the dryer fixed (just needed vac'd out)
+got the tub drain replaced (whohooooooo)
+got the Child care nursery re-arranged a bit, new shelf in old shelf out, bag ready for donation
+got the snowblower all put back together!
+helped mom put some totes in storage
+napped a bit
+started cleaning upstairs kitchen then lost momentum
+cleaned up messes left from top 2
+got the laundry caught back up from dryer being down
+made it to the public library & checked out a Debbie Macomber book
+put the boat in storage

LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! even tho there was very little scrapping.. just some journaling copying done last night (during a kick a$$ Brothers & Sisters) for Day 6 in my WITL pages. only 5 & 7 to finish now YEHAW!! THEN I am hoping to create a December Daily album like Jo's & Ali's. I really want to be ready for Christmas!

Today I only have to clean the wood floor from the repair projects that were done over the weekend. Maybe making it the only have to thing on my list it will get done ;) i also want to bake but not sure what so we'll get the floor done then tackle some more mess making hahahaha.

thinking about Natalye today while she's gone getting tubes in :( we'll hope for the best! HA our last full week of the month :D that makes the monday alot more tolerable! ok.. off we go!!!
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