Friday, November 14, 2008


so happy to type that!! :D what a week! that full moon really did a doozy on us this time!

looking fwd to alot of nothing this weekend & a little bit of home repairs-tub drain replace, dryer clean out, getting the snow blower running(not my job LOL), ya know, the little stuff ;)

I joined Facebook yesterday. WOW what a new addiction LOL I am looking fwd to catching up w/old friends!! feel free to add me as your friend if I haven't already done so. its not nearly as scarey as myspace!

breakfast has been served & almost cleaned up, sent 4 off to school & the rest are between breakfast & chilling out watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the next little bit then the TV goes off & we get started on our day! today we are planning to pick up the play room then they will get to vac while I sweep & mop the wood -I am serious about it today! I think I might clean off the counter & wipe it down too while I am going going going today.

okie dokie.. off & running!!

ETA: today was great & productive!! :) very smooth for a packed friday! tonight we have been UBER productive too! he tore into the dryer & cleaned it all up.. doing laundry now! YAY then when we got back from supper we tore into the tub drain! WHOHOOOOO no more drippy drippy!! rock on!!

ETA (AGAIN): SUPER excited to have gotten a ton done today too!! we picked up 300+ # of beef @ the locker first thing, out to lunch in Indianola, home to obviously put beef in freezer then I rearranged the cc nursery a bit & cleaned, while Tim got the snowblower ready! LOVE IT! (not exciting but responsible HAHAHAHAH)
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