Thursday, October 23, 2008


not such an ugh day so far.. Gus got me up @ 4 & I just rolled w/it... I got dressed while he was out doing his thing then we crashed back on the couch oh so easily! LOL I had good intentions of watching some of my DVR'd shows from last night but nadda... just a nice hard sleep! woke to Nat's mom calling in sick :( poor baby & her cough! hopefully she gets well quickly. so that's 3 to the dr in 24 hrs! atleast so far they are all just colds, coughs & nothing serious like the dreaded WHOOOPING COUGH we seem to be sharing an epidemic w/around the community!! eeeks! not here.. not allowed!!!

its raining AGAIN *sigh* love the sump pump!!! becoming a soothing sound LOL who'd have thought?? only someone w/one would understand. I think we are going to start some yoga today w/the little bodies! maybe just cat/cow poses to stretch some.

last night's yoga was quite cleansing.. my first one that i felt this way. love it!! totally reenergized!! great way to feel on a rainy Thursday morning.

tonight is scrapping @ home in front of the TV!! whohooooooo really looking fwd to knocking this Story of Today out!!! hoping to have everything printed b4 nap time! wish me luck!!

off to make this day continue as a good one!!
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