Thursday, October 2, 2008


sorry my headings are so boring but I never really know what I am going to say until I start typing & its usually just a list of what was done, needs done & hope to get done. lol

I will report that Natalye is GROUCHY today :( poor squirt has fussed all morning totally out of routine for her *sigh* so she is on my lap while I type around her right now. SOMEONE has to keep their routine in tact ;) j/k I am going to try to move the saucer in tonight to have it dry & warm to try tomorrow. ATLEAST THE SUN IS SHINING!!

LOVED YOGA LAST NIGHT (what's new right? lol) I think I hit a new level this week.. I was finally able to rely on my breaths to calm me & Not have to focus on them was instead able to focus on the muscle groups we were streaching out @ each move. I feel all stretched out today :) & NO HEADACHE whohoooooo

the cleaning for the weekend must begin today.. now to get Nat to get that & let me put her down w/o the ear piercing temper tantrum....I am at minimum keeping the laundry up so that is one less thing to do later.

LIPSTICK JUNGLE! wowza LOOOOOOOOVED IT! no spoilers for Katie!
Criminal Minds-love their chemistry!!!
started watching Private Practice @ 5 this morning & the website wont cooperate to watch it online so maybe @ nap time.
tonight is GREY'S whohoooooo oh crap but I just remembered we won't be home to watch LOL we are taking Sarah+the boys out for supper for Carson's birthday that was Sunday. HE'S 4! NOT POSSIBLE!!! :( SNIFF SNIFF oh well I can catch it online later.

off to do diaper duty.
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