Friday, October 3, 2008


it is friday isn't it?? lol this week FLEW by!!
I have to admit I have kicked some serious to-do list butt this week :) even went over & rescued all the retaining wall blocks b4 they get pushed in the old house basement this coming weekend! so we have a lovely pile on the south side of this house for next year's flower bed expansion. :) (hoping to get out & get a photo of the pile today) Starting my AE/give yourself a present project today. wish me luck!! lol here are some different versions:
attempting to get a useable pic of myself this morning ... FUNNY! I am going to be down 5 children today due to various circumstances, then have a drop in so I really have no idea how many to expect today..4 all day & one for an hour? NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!
OUR WEEKEND PLANS HAVE CHANGED... tonight is groceries after I get my plants removed from the old house, tomorrow I am not sure as I cancelled my party due to lack of interest(just taking outside orders), then Sunday I am SLEEPING IN!!!! then going to the house burning around noon. hopefully will have lots of photos to share Monday between the daily project & the burning.
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