Tuesday, September 2, 2008


weekend recap: FABULOUS! great time w/friends+family, lake+camping, food+booze, GREAT WEEKEND!

yesterday we headed home earlier than normal. way wierd but welcome! due to the massive amounts of Iowa flooding this year our lake (Rathbun) is still 19 feet HIGH --YIKES! so our normal campground is only 1/2 open therefore was FULL ON MONDAY but our WONDERFUL camp attendants didn't bat an eye at making a spot for us + our crew --LOVE THEM!!!!! crew in total was a BLAST!!! us all weekend, Jeff+Bethany Friday night-Sunday afternoon, Hupp+Lauren Friday night-Sunday evening, Nick Saturday morning until Sunday evening, Justin+Misty+Tony Saturday morning until Monday morning when we left. absolute fun! all weekend NO DRAMA :) gotta love that.

checked out The Landing (a bar/grill/steakhouse) Sunday night w/Justin, Misty & Tony. LOVED IT. great atmosphere for a boating/camping environment! so fun. WILL be repeat customers. (as long as its cool enough for Gus to sit in the truck)

I had to cruise across the lake by myself in the boat while Tim drove the truck around to the ramp (long story short=nearest ramp to our campground was a ways away so we launched Saturday morning the just beached it near our campground over nights to load only once & that being on Sunday--saved a TON OF GAS in the truck!!!) to load to come home that was a HUGE first for me. me the non swimmer. me the likes to tool along rather than fly across the water. GO ME. lol Justin was great & kept me in his sights while they drove their boat so in essence I wasn't alone but yet I was.

I got the call this afternoon that I am in charge of the SCRAP PINK event in a month!!! major planning mode!!
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