Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday tireds

whhhooof needing some help to get going this morning. I don't think its knowing everyone will be back in force today or if I just read to late last night.. but I am ready to finish that book!! lol Last night I did nothing productive in my room --or house for that matter--sad I know. we ate supper, I walked w/mom, Tim & I ran to walmart (for more spray paint), went to his mom's to get our shampooer, came home & I carried all SUPER COOL donations I received yesterday to my scrap room, then fizzled. I tried to find something in TV nadda, no one was online, I didn't have the room to spread the stuff out like I wanted to create page kits, so I put it all back away, showered & read myself to sleep.

today I hope to get a 2nd coat of spray paint on the cabinet & maybe a third even. I have to make some SP phone calls & some non-SP phone calls.

tonight some work in my room to get more work space (until I get the cabinet moved in for permanent clearing of my desk), visiting MIL (she has an appt in DM today for her 'check up' altho they already found more infection :( so she has 2 more weeks of antibiotics *sigh* poor girl), & serious dish washing --my kitchen is TRASHED. :(

no fun photos to share, sorry.
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