Wednesday, September 17, 2008


for teh next 10 weeks anyway ROCK ON!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

so last night was a bust as far as plans but ROCKED as far as productivity goes!!
we tore apart & drug out the furnace, ductwork & water heater (still 1/2 full of water!) from the old house basement, I moved the gutter pile to the ductwork pile for the scrap yard to pick up (Corey) & started moving a pile of firewood away from the house to save for next summer, on the way home confirmed the CM rep for the SP, came home, showered & read myself to sleep. (almost done) oh yeah & I did wash some dishes.

MIL's dr appt was late so visiting tonight instead. (b4 yoga)

cabinet is sufficiently pink :) now to get it inside.

today I have the same phonecalls to make that I procrastinated yesterday.

tomorrow night will be more scavenging @ the old house I think-2 ceiling fans, plant hook outside, park bench, wishing well, plant cabinet, movie cabinet....ugh...
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