Thursday, September 11, 2008


means 4 less children tomorrow. everyone loves a lighter day @ work on a routine :)

last night - after shampooing MIL's basement carpet (that THANKFULLY) turned out to be MUCH MUCH MUCH less than I had dreaded.. sure it was green & yellow & fuzzy but atleast it seems salvageable w/the shampooer!!! NOTE TO ALL: when leaving your basement for an extended period of time-have the carpet cleaned!!!! the fuzzy spots were HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS! & under the couch-GROSS...makes me never want to eat in our living room again! so after an hour of cleaning we were headed home :) this might surprise some of u but I PAINTED!! top coat on light wall... way pretty :) lighter than the first cost but lovin' it! then painted ALL outlet covers same light pink...then decided to tear into a no thinker wall... WHITE ... love the definate diff between the dark + white! can't wait to attack it again tonight!!

babies calling--more later
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