Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am so proud of me!!

Last night I had to run Tim around delivering a truck & getting a different one & in the middle we stopped @ walmart for cat food + to get my white paint shaken. as soon as we got home & He started grilling, I went straight to my room & did all of the touch up painting on teh dark wall! THEN as sooon as we were done eating (yup skipped kitchen clean up last night) I went right back in & started mixing paint for a lighter shade.. after 3 test slops I found one I loved. its almost a light purple not quiete lavendar as I found the paint chip (I Think) @ walmart last night & believe it to be Rum Raisin. painted a whole big wall + some jar lids+a mini muffin tin+ outlet cover for the dark wall all in the light paint. also took down the curtain/rod +folded up the bowflex PROGRESS ROCKS!!!

Tonight I plan to do the 2nd coat on everything light & decide if I need 2 or if one white wall will be enough & start painting another wall. lots of GO power for tonight!!

we are excited w/my progress & think we might be able to do teh room swap Friday evening then take off & on all weekend + next week evenings to unpack!! WHOHOOO
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