Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday? really?

could have fooled me! I feel pretty darn good considering (must be the short work week)

last night I:
*washed the blankets off the couches -Gus got in the litter box & got sick
*paid my yoga registration YEHAW!
*walked w/Mom
*brainstormed w/Mom & came up w/a list of where to ask for donations
*cleaned up from supper
*painted some on the small wall (between the doorways) in my new scrap room--haven't seen it in daylight yet but thinking its still too dark so may run to Walmart for some white paint to mix in it tonight & do that in the 2nd coat
*read myself to sleep :)

Today I plan to:
*make those donation phone calls
*form a cc newsletter
*form the flier for the crop
*PAINT w/the kids
*call newspaper for ad pricing

if I had the seats in the van I would take the 3 I'll have during this morning's preschool & hit walmart for some Sam's Club type shopping! oh well. what will be will be.

Tonight I plan to:
*walk w/Mom
*hit Walmart
*visit MIL in hospital
*paint 2nd coat/rest of wall

ok time to hit the ground running! breakfast-bus stop-list!
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