Friday, September 5, 2008

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

wow I had forgotten how much I love 4 day weeks.. LOOOOOVE LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!! whohoooooo

unscheduled but busy-getting donations, pulling chainlink+replacing w/privacy (2 day event), shampooing child care +upstairs living/dining room carpets, painting more in my new scrap room, & maybe some rest in there somewhere!

last night we:
*ate roast from the crockpot + mashed potatoes & gravy Tim had made by the time I was off work.
*visited MIL -MUCH BETTER SPIRITS light @ the end of the tunnel helps I'm sure-she's still on antibiotics, the 16th(?) she goes to DM for a check & back then she'll be in the hospital 6-8 weeks w/o antibiotics doing therapy (she's hoping they don't send her home) then they'll put a new hip in & keep her for therapy for that.
*shopped walmart. groceries, hangers (LOL switching to 2 colors only), 'ballet slipper pink' spray paint for my metal cabinet for my scrap room (thats now sitting outside), forgot a few things I will have to run after this weekend.
*buzzed home to unload then walk w/mom-30 minute speed walk GOOD WORK OUT.
* home to finish taping off the wall I am painting first (going to stick w/the dark color for this wall, maybe lighten it for the next, then go white or something equally bright for the other 2)
*read myself to sleep again. love it.

should have fence + scrap wall photos to share on Monday.
hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND!!!
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