Friday, September 12, 2008


I AM READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!! the sun will come up b4 Me!!! yahoooooo

finished painting the white walls last night YAHOOOOOOO Mom loves me & volunteered to paint my ceiling for me this weekend after seeing the serious yellowness of it. Tim & I even took a walk in the middle ofmy painting!

my weekend plans are totally weather dependant!
tonight either helping mom paint my ceiling or helping Tim start to sort/clean out old house garage.
tomorrow up & hitting the local businesses again to finalize/collect some door prizes for SP, then home to either help do fence or back to the garage then start moving rooms
Sunday finishing whatever project was started on Saturday & hopefully finish moving or helping Tim build my new desk.

I really wanted to go to bike night tonight (mainly for the food) but it rained so much this morning I imagine it will be a swampy mess & I don't think I am in the mood for fighting that!
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