Monday, September 15, 2008


WELL... ITS A GOOD START TO A GREAT WEEK!! I am an infant short this morning w/the other coming after lunch, & 2 kids short all day while a toddler is coming later this morning also. WHOHOOOOO hoping for some spray paint time in the back yard so I can get my metal cabinet in my scrap room & finish the move!!

weekend in whole:
pretty balanced... Friday night ended up GREAT!! Tim brought home LJS for supper (that we ate all weekend!) & I took a bath for 3.5 hours & read my book!

Saturday we were up earlier than I wanted but I had to get my stuff done so got my eyebrows waxed, then walked around collecting- only got one donation ( a $30 jar of one minute manicure) & hung 3 more fliers & have a list of places to call today. then home to change & hit the old house, helped Tim finish popping the tiles off the kitchen +back porch floors, found the shelf I wanted WASN'T attached so vowed to get it, & called it quits for the day. Grocery shopped, did ods & ends @walmart & home to chill, he watched some TV & I read. then we did 5 geo-caches & came home for leftovers for supper. later Katie, TOmmy & Nat showed up for a while to hang out.

Sunday again up earlier than I had wanted but woke to pancakes+bacon+ clean dishes in teh drainrack! whohooooo GO TIm! so we ate, then emptied the truck bed (fence to the scrap yard, wood @ old house) then backed it up the old front door & FILLED IT again.. linoleum, tile, boxes, then moved into the garage & started flinging from there. SO its loaded & Tarped for next weekend's landfil run. walked home for some scrap moving time :D he built up the scavenged shelf to match the height of the crate I had & we built my desk-its a bit higher than I had planned but NOT arguing LOL its DONE! THEN he fixed the existing shelves on teh wall to quit falling, hung a new one & helped move my roll top into there. lots of swapping around of stuffs, took back the 13" tv & gave him the 19 for the garage b/c I didn't have room for it, moved the weight stuff into the old scrap room, etc. I finally quit working on it last night @bedtime. still more to do of course.

pics later when the sun comes up.
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