Friday, September 19, 2008


WHOHOOOOOOOOOO now if I can shake this headache I'll be better ;)

well, the fire dept made their first practice inthe old house last night.. you should have seen the lollygaggers LOL they did let us know they moved the final burn to the FOLLOWING sunday so I will be able to be there!!! YAY!!

we got a couple more local donations for SP & hung up another flier!! zoom zoom!!! then on that high I put together door prize page kits for an hour using donated paper from a friend + my embellies! I think I did atleast 6.

*Ultimate fight @ the casino Saturday night w/a coworker (+ wife) of Tim's
*ceiling fans + cabinet from old house+park bench+wishing well
*more fliers out
*2 landfill runs
*finish page kits for SP
*DO some page kits for me to work on @ SP
*get people registered :)
*sleep in!

what are you doing this weekend??
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