Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OK SO probablynot so crazy to everyone but I am finding new things on my new laptop CONSTANTLY LOL

interviewed w/Nicki this morning for 2 new little ones to start Sept. 9th. 20 m/o Andi + her itty bitty brother Blake awwwwwwwwwe so fun!!

got my wood floor picked up, swept & mopped between breakfast, sending Madison off then Tyler off to preschool all while Natalye caught her AM snooze & all b4 the interview YAY! even managed to pickup, sweep & mop the entry ROCK ON!

SOOOOOOOOOO thankful Nat is such a good teether! over night-new teeth are popping thru LOL GO NAT!!

shay peed in the potty! WHOHOOOOOOO huge leap for HIM!

gosh this is all kid related. sorry no photos :( don't have my software added in yet. tomorrow -maybe.
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