Monday, August 25, 2008

Trying to be optomistic

but I am sooooooo tired I'd really rather go back to bed!!

on the up side at least I am not sore!! we got up 2 of the 5 sections of fence this weekend! WHOHOOO wow it was ALOT of work! totally worth paying to have done next time!!!

other than that we got some quality time w/my brother Jeff+his girlfriend Bethany & his girls Lyla & Katelynn!! as they were here both days helping w/the fence!

another upside is that I only skipped Friday night's walk w/mom! go us! plus she walked w/a friend of her's w/o me GO MOM!!!

We watched 'bury my heart @ wounded knee' friday night.. good movie but long & slow in spots.

this week is equally as busy as the weekend!! tonight we are going to DM to take Kyler, Sarah & Carson out for supper for Kyler's bday, tomorrow night TIm is to look @ a side job & I am plannign to treat the fence, Wednesday we are going to do the back fill around the fence that had to be dug out to keep it level. Thursday nite will be prepping for camping the long weekend!!!!!

photos later.
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