Wednesday, August 13, 2008


*down from the summer hub-bub
*for what ever fuss-less time I can get
*for jello arms by 5pm
*for the last few days I have w/ the ones that are phasing out
*for having to finally turn the A/C on today (had it off since Friday!)
*for what time I get w/my neices (both sides of the family)
*Casey's pizza impromtu end of summer party for Lunch today!

wanting to..
*get into a newish routine w/new preschoolers & kg'ers
*get back to working on completing that homework from May ;)
*have some slower paced days w/the bigs off to school
*get Natalye more comfortable here
*remember to take photos this afternoon!
*take a nap but resisting w/a nice cold glass of iced tea soon!!
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