Monday, July 14, 2008


I survived!!!

I had my 15 yr reunion this weekend & Have to admit it was SOOOOOOOOOO stressing me out last week!! I was able to distract myself a bit by readying the cc as a guest area but my stomach was a WRECK whenever I thought about Saturday evening. come to find out I wasn't alone LOL we were all stiff as boards until the beer came out-no matter the 'classification' we were in we were always able to bond as a class over a keg LOL sad sad class we were! but as a class we closed down the Eagles LOL

I owe Tim a big ole thank you for being a trooper & going along for the ride :) oh yea & driving home hahahaha

this will be a photo-less post as I didn't get the camera out at all. eeeek.

WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR MONDAY!!!!! we are planning a fabulous week! the sun is shining & I feel a huge weight lifted from my soul compared to last week!
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