Thursday, July 17, 2008

getting a scrappy itch!!!!

I soooooooooo wanna scrap but have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much on my plate to even consider it for another 2 months *sigh*

for example --not for pity!!
*this weekend @ the lake TOTALLY missing our routine schedule 2x only this year when we should have been 5 or 6!!!!! yuck!! cannot wait to get THE HELL OUTA DODGE!!!!!

*next weekend will be spent finishing cleaning out the old house to turn over to the fire dept. for trainings *sniff*

*the following weekend is the big ole SUMMER SPLASH party weekend @ Rathbun WHOHOOOOOOOOO not missing it!!!

* the following will be weekend ONE of 3 for fencing! WHOHOOOOOOOOOO now that we have the issue settled w/home Depot we should be receiving a better deiver of panels in the next 7-10 business days ROCK ON!

*that will bring us to labor day weekend AT THE LAKE!!!!!!!!

wowza! where did summer go????

not to miss workable hours we are spending each evening either sorting stuff @ the old house, or doing the fence on the sides of the house (that doesn't efffect a neighbor).

OH OH OH ... not to make it sound like I think i am the only one doing labor!!!!!! our roofers are ROCKIN!!!!!! they built the overhang over the bedroom window Tuesday, stripped & layed new shingles on the back side of the house Wednesday, stripped & layed new shingles on the front side of the house today (still pounding away up there! poor guys) & depending on the weather forecast for tomorrow (which I have no idea) MIGHT be tearing & redoing the garage roof tomorrow!!!!!!!!! NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!! anyone in the Osceola area interested in giving a guy a good start on his own biz GIMME A CALL!
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