Wednesday, July 2, 2008


darn computer decided it had done its daily duty yesterday & shut down b4 I entered here. oh well.. here's some photos from our PARK TRIP such fun such fun!!!

today our big deal was to sit in the yard & thread seed beads on hemp rope. WOW we seriously got LOST in ourselves for almost 2 hours!!!!! everyone went home w/atleast one & sometimes 4 bracelets/anklets!! loved the UV beads I had gotten @ a conference & finally pulled out to share *hehe* NO PHOTOS tho.. so sorry!! both hands were either helping thread, tying or digging out that one special color (for mine LOL)

tomorrow we should have a light load so not sure what the plans are... IMPROMPTU!!!!!!! whohooooooooooo

then the FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!! YAY!!!! NOT SURE if I've mentioned it here but it is our biggest extended family time. our town has a carnival on the square, food, shows on the bandstand, food, bingo, food, parade @ 11, food, back to mom's for FOOD :) home made icecream YAY!!!!!! sooooooo looking fwd to FRIDAY!!!! then either walking up town to peruse the sights or home to nap, then to Tim's mom's for supper + city fireworks, then to Dale's for his annual 4th of July hog roast/fireworks party. Saturday.. hmmmmmm RECOVERING ;)

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