Monday, June 30, 2008

a beeeeeeeeautiful monday!!

it is gorgeous in our neck of the woods today!! 2.5 hours outside this morning .. after a busy weekend the lack of 'kims' I heard was WELCOME!! LOL

so Saturday was CRAZY pricing then ordering fence + shingles YAHAW!! Shinglers will be here in 3 weeks YAY! WE START digging fence pole holes as soon as it arrives! (7-10 days) cannot wait to have a privacy fence!!!!!! watched Kyler play baseball-way cool! he's such a stinking athlete!!! GO KY! Did some stocking up @ Sam's club. so yesterday was meant to be aday of rest & compared to Saturday it really was but whew it was still alot of work! took down the tree by the garage that would be in the way of th eroofers, trimmed another in the front that needed it desperately, hauled all of that to the tree dump, ran out of gas LOL Tim mad lasagna for dinner YUMMMM & I caught up on Days of our Lives.. LOVE DVR!

Tomorrow we are going on a very impromptu field trip.. our local trolley company is offering free rides today/tomorrow so we signedup for a trip the the bigpark in town WHOHOOOOO WISH US LUCK LOL
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