Friday, June 20, 2008

WHOHOOOOOOOOO another weekend :)

our sump was tested yesterday & it WORKED = dry basement YEHAW!!!!!

THIS WEEKEND WE PLAN to attend Katie's Signature Homestyles party, a cc retreat, a fish store & accomplish the front yard tiling, throwing in some side yard if there's some leftovers, & digging up of some old lines @ the old house in prep for burning then some purchasing of some roofing+ fence supplies WHOOOOOHOOOOOO fun weekend planned!! :)


this week we attempted to watch Meet the Browns-NOT what we thought so turned it off shortly into it. Then watched National Treasure 2 LOVED IT!!!!!

Last week we saw: White Noise 2-suspensful GOOD, 27 Dresses-LOVED IT!, 30 days of Night- YUCK!! & The Interpreter-GOOD movie!! loved the family values in it.

looking fwd to: Michael Clayton, Juno, & fools gold :)
How about some BUBBLE shots from earlier this week??
have to get another few gallons to get us thru the month :)
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