Friday, June 6, 2008

ahhhhhhh whataweek!

migraine m-w, chiro wed, super sore neck muscles after chiro thurs, first day of summer vaca fri.

I welcome a weekend!!!!

tonight is the first GNO for me EVA! wow... heading to our local winery for some dollar glasses & tasting.

tomorrow Tim has a side job & I plan to work @ the old house

Sunday more old house stuff + some movie time w/Tim

next week we will have summer vaca well underway.. wish me luck ;) every day will be a different batch of kiddos a there are lots of part timers this year.

today our count is 7 littles + 6 bigs.. pretty good mix .. so far-no blood LOL just kidding we rarely have bleeding :) the 3 big girls are going to the library for an IPTV special deal (they are the only ones I trust in public w/o me LOL)
some photos from teh other day to tide you over?
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