Thursday, November 6, 2014

Currently: November

Getting: the freezers cleaned out & organized for the fresh beef scheduled to arrive Saturday or Monday.
Realizing: I freeze a lot of stuff; shredded zucchini, baked pumpkin, homemade applesauce, pear butter, beef & chicken stocks, the oatmeal I cook in a big batch then freeze in meal size portions, store bought french bread (makes the best french toast), veggie ends for stock making, berries that are plentiful in the spring or summer but I have no interest or time to make into syrup right then, Some of this I will be able to pressure can when I am out of childcare, as of right now, USDA prohibits me from feeding home canned items to childcare children on the food program.

Spending: .too much money this week. My only 'excuse' is that it doesn't happen very often.
Starting:  to think about what to send for Christmas cards this year. Last year, we had the pups' photo taken with Santa & used that, the year before was our 15th year anniversary, so we had a photo shoot & used a collage from that, I prefer a photo card but starting to wonder, who wants a photo of us old married folk anymore LOL but I don't like sending impersonal store bought cards... dilemma...
Finishing: getting my clothes swapped for the seasons. bagging up the race shirts for a friend to make into a throw blanket, bagging up those that aren't flattering anymore,
Creating: a plan for justifying time I will take off, unpaid, over Christmas & New Year's this year.

Becoming: a much healthier & happier me & loving it all. 
Watching: lots of dvr'd shows from the past month while I was busy doing Scrap Pink prep. Last night: 4 weeks of NCIS: New Orleans & a week of Grey's Anatomy.
Sipping: iced coffee made with my new coffee sock. then switching to water.
Eating: Tim's leftover cheeseburger soup he made 4 quart crockpot full of it on Saturday. YUMMMM

Reading:  a novella on my phone for a writer friend. Having the privilege to beta read for her is truly a treat. 
Reorganizing: .some cupboards, its a fall thing for me. Since summer is so crazy busy w/the kids & their day time activities and our love of outside time on the evenings & weekends, I tend to let things go & get chaotic, but now that fall is really here we are cooking and baking daily, we need to be able to find things easily.
Loving:  the runner's high I am still having in spurts after Sunday's Fairgrounds 5k.  its the first time I have run that far consistently (without walk breaks) & it felt amazing. Finishing 16th in my age group helped too!
Staying: home on Wednesday evenings is such a relief w/busy evenings Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday every other week. 
Using: the dryer & the oven daily to keep the childcare toasty. not sure how we will feel when it gets Really cold for Iowa.
Taking:   time to watch tv after a month of busy evenings feels like an odd combo of being lazy & being pampered. I am slowly getting that dvr cleaned up though. 
Working: my way through 2010 photos & getting them on scrapbook pages at record speed for me.
Anticipating: Thanksgiving weekend. Tim has a get away planned & I cannot wait to find out where we are going. 

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