Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently: September 2014 (ahem) October 2014

Getting: in the mood for fall activities, wearing jackets & jeans, going to the Harvest Barn, Farm Crawl & Pierce's pumpkin patch & burning cinnamon & maple scented candles & wax melts.
Realizing: I need to make time for girl friends, SOON.
Spending: a few minutes each Sunday to pick up & vacuum the house makes a world of difference on how we feel about our home.
Rejoicing: in the fact that my part of the playground rehab seems to have come to a close, or at least a pause for
Becoming: a much happier person lately.
Waiting: for March to put completed scrap pages into sleeves & covers ~~~> can't wait to see how this shelf looks by then.

Reading: nothing right now, thinking about Scrap Pink & scrapping is keeping me busy. 
Reorganizing: our entire schedule to fit an early pick up heading to preschool has led to earlier lunch, earlier naptime, and earlier wake ups.
Loving: that I have re-evaluated my scrapping theory & am shortening the chapters as I scrap from here on out. 
Staying: under the warm quilt until the last possible second in the mornings because we are still sleeping with the windows open & often time, the fan is on. brrrrrrr
Using: Pickle Creek roasted garlic infused oil on grilled cheese sandwiches instead of butter. ground breaking for me! YUMMMMM
Taking:  time for me, makes me feel amazing for days after.
a image of an image of the nieces playing photographers at the anniversary party.. LOVE!!!
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