Wednesday, July 16, 2014

currently: July

Getting: ready to take my crowd to the county fair
Realizing: just how strange it is to have such cool temps in July, in Iowa.
Spending: an extra few minutes throwing the ingredients of a beef & veggie stew in the crockpot will pay off when we come home from the fair hungry.
Missing: some camping & boating time, but enjoying a pretty schedule free summer.
Reading: like crazy! currently waiting on Blossom Street Brides to be returned to the library as well as Tales from a Blue Bike to arrive through inter-library loan. 
Loving: that I have a scrap day on the calendar in the near future! 
Staying: on track with my water in take --proudly
Using: the heck out of the Iowa Food Coop products available right now.
Taking: time to read or scrap this summer is truly saving my sanity.
Deciding: to eat at the cook shack at the county fair on Friday--best decision ever. 
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