Tuesday, December 17, 2013

currently: December

appreciating that almost all of our Christmas shopping is done.
eating white chocolate peppermint M&Ms like -well,  candy.
watching as many Christmas movies as I can :)
loving today's sunshine & 30+ temps
planning our food for our Christmas gatherings

walking at least 3 mornings each week in the high school halls.(still)
enjoying the scant amount of Christmas decorations I pulled out this year.
ordering pizza for supper once a week-guilt-free.

attending the 3rd of 3 elementary age, Christmas programs tomorrow evening.
wanting to keep the rest of the month as stress free as possible for the kiddos.
buying thoughtful gifts is tough, time consuming yet OH SO rewarding!
playing lots of Christmas music during the days when Tim isn't around to 'grinch it' ;)
drinking hot tea or water these days.

working on the last couple of Christmas cards.
looking forward to Christmas break.  I know many providers do not, but I sure do enjoy the break in our normal routine/schedule & the ability to do whatever we want throughout the day.
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