Wednesday, July 31, 2013


how can one person be such an over planner & such a huge procrastinator at the same time? don't those contradict each other a bit? maybe I am just one big contradiction myself. rude talk no longer allowed on here-especially to myself. 

for example: #1. mention a vacay, weekend get away, party or even just dinner w/friends & I jump into hyper-planner mode.  I am checking to see who is invited (if we were invited by others) & inviting everyone else that might like to join the already attending parties.  If we are planning & inviting, I make sure I text everyone in our boating crew-those we spend the most time w/.  I make sure everyone knows the deets; who, what, where, when & most of all why. Sometimes some of them even ask what I will be wearing-& I do the same to judge how dressy to make the event. When I hosted an Origami Owl party last weekend, I planned a menu, easy decorations & even considered a theme ;)  I plan the kids' summer outings for Wednesdays & Fridays, with a super fun field trip on most of the Fridays, schedule around the library's activities & their individual swim lessons & athletic camps. I don't mind at all. Its what I do. So now we are planning a move in the near-distant future.  A move to the country.  This is a going to be a big deal for us b/c we've always lived in town together, & it will mean me quitting home childcare. *sigh* typing it out was like letting the air out of the balloon.  I have done home childcare since the year before we were married. I have always worked at home-with the exception of the 2 stints of evening jobs I had to pick up when my child numbers were down, but I was still working thru the day w/a few kids in the home. We set a 5 year plan for this last fall. Originally, I said 5 years b/c that would make my newest baby 5 & at the time I thought she'd be in kindergarten but then upon closer thought, I realized she was a late in the year baby putting her only in her 2nd year of preschool that year :( BUT Tim is holding me to the 5 year mark (4.5 at this point) no matter who comes along. He says I can't plan my/our life around everyone else's kids. & I get it, but I don't want to feel like I have abandoned them either.  ANNNNYYYWAYYYYY a bit off the point there... sorry.  The job change & move are 4.5 years out, yet I am already sorting, donating, giving, pitching & selling childcare things.  Most of them haven't been used in the 5 years we've been in this home, some in the past year but either way, bye-bye. it feels good to lighten the load around here. FLYLady knows what she's talking about! I am even mentally piling things up to sell or give away in lots later when I have actually quit.  I also think about what other activities will be like with out having to keep childcare in mind; grocery shopping, yard work, pets, decorating the house, CLEANING the house, gardening, & the like. See, seriously 'planning' for 4.5 years down the road. Who, Me?

#2. Now, there have been 2 messages left on my phone from the same person about an offer of a really fun activity for the kids & I haven't yet returned the call. I want to do it, so I better get my mind on it & call her back before she finds someone else!  House cleaning, can always wait another day in my mind.  sending out thank you notes-bad me, I know! getting something mailed at the post office, I have a package to a friend that has set here for 5 years :( horrible! TAX PREP. ugh. Mostly things I find a 'bother' or not fun, but really, some weeks we live out of clothes baskets full of folded clean laundry b/c I procrastinate putting it away until I need a basket to haul the dirty laundry down (& I am not above dumping 2 half baskets of clean together to empty one) & that, I have no excuse for, there is just the 2 of us, we each use 1/2 a dresser & 1/2 a closet, the towels go in the hall closet & kitchen items go in there, its not like I have a family of 5's laundry to sort from room to room! sheesh.   how about letting a fish tank dry up naturally instead of emptying & cleaning it out when all the fish died & I decided not to replace them since I can't find the right light bar for it?   ok, I think I better quit before I make you all run for the hills & decide you can't read anymore.

This weekend is a camping weekend (hence the photo) so tonight (Wednesday) we are loading our firewood & starting to sort thru our supplies.

How can someone be so incredibly opposite in the same body? So, Tell me, are you one or the other or are you like me & split into both?
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