Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just What the doctor ordered!

Yesterday, I Was having a grumpy morning, I felt like I Was grouching at Everyone for every little thing. :( Yuck! 

I Was so very thankful it Was Wednesday. Wednesday= park day! Whooooooo-Hooooooo!  2 hours of freedom for all of us. The extra space & Different environment Does amazing things for Our brains, hearts & souls.  Not to mention that the different environment is OUTSIDE! Then, When you throw in a friend who brings her kids within Our age range it makes everything better!  A collage from the few shots i took today.

To say I am Not ready for school to start, sending the bigs off every morning, being 'stuck' in the house all day, & back to a predictable routine, is pretty mild. But ask me again in a couple of weeks.. it usually turns around pretty quick.
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