Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July (Part IV)

First thing Friday Morning I got up & went to my doctor's appointment to have a mole biopsied (results came back clear on Monday YAY!)  then we loaded up the truck & hit the road to the lake! ahhhhhhhh~~
We found this cement slab on the shore & it worked really well to keep our supplies & peoples collected.
Love these girls!

AWE! lots of sneaky kissy pics of the newly weds.

Most of the group cooling off.

one cousin cooling off another..

I adore how well these guys all play together. rarely a disagreement!

I am forever taking photos of the sun on the water.

ummm, me :) a pretty good selfie.

Boys making breakfast Saturday morning.

AND back on the boat! Saturday we spend about an hour cruising the lake looking for acceptable beachy shore to put the boats up on & let the dogs & kids run but nothing was found so we returned to the spot from the day before.

another kissy pic :)

getting last minute instructions from dad on a borrowed jet ski


Tim's catch of the day ;)

ride #2-right before the DNR crashed the party & told him to park it for being too rough while the kids were passengers.

& crashing early around the fire - perfect way to end the day.

Sunday Morning Maddie was finally getting acclimated to camping life & letting other people hold her other than her mom.

Say Cheese!

 Camping is evidently exhausting to dogs.

We skipped the breakfast campfire Sunday & hit The Red Barn for lunch after packing up our sites.

more of the newly weds.

The Red Barn in the back, the group in the middle, and part of our convoy of trucks & boats clear to the left of the photo..

and this concludes my 4th of July report :)  I hope you had a good weekend!
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