Monday, July 15, 2013

20 years.

So, our class has never been good at getting along. even for the greater good. we had cliques miles apart.  I don't mean just small groups of friends that were closer than the rest of the class, I mean cliques that were exclusive in membership.  You either belonged or you didn't & there was never any question.
In the past we've slowly gotten around to being civil.  Though that sounds harsh, its way too soon to say we are all friends.  Most of us are but some will never be. This was the best turn out ever for one of our reunions. 
this was the bar room we shared w/the class of 1963 :)

a fantastic group of girls!

Whoo hooo party down!

Macarena dancing

 from the stage

Our Djs were fantastic about playing music from our era that got us on the floor & kept us there.

Might have helped that they were both 2 years younger than us so listened to the same music growing up. Great choice for Djs!

more good friends

 Some of my favorites!

& us at the end of the great night.
I was so full of nerves at the beginning I was tempted not to go.  after a couple of drinks, I was so glad I beat the nerves & went.  Seeing everyone this time, I sure hope the nerves don't return for the next one.
When was your last attended class reunion? Was your class good about getting along?


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