Monday, January 7, 2013

wish me luck....

I just emailed in 2 layouts for submissions to try out for DT (design team) for My Sketch World *gulp* first time in years to try out, have never been 'cutting edge' enough to make a DT before, this one DT has a wide range of skills & supplies used so hoping I can fill a spot, if not, I will go back to just scrapping on my own... if I make it, there will be a lot more scrapping in this little space ;)
 here are 2 older 12x12 pages designed this summer from our February hog hunt trip.  I don't usually let myself scrap such recent photos in anything but a mini-album but having just finished the mini, I decided to quickly put the rest of them on 12x12s & call it good.  these are using a mix of really old & new supplies.  for example: all of the papers on both are from the very first kit I ever ordered online.

Here is a series of shots to give you an idea of what my desk chaos usually looks like when I am working on a project.  I work best when everything is at my fingertips, I am lazy & if I have to get up to get something to use, I will do without.
 <~~ is the view to my right (holding the camera over my head)
 <~~~~ is to my left (holding it at my eye level)
 <~~~~ & a bird's eye view...

yea its a little crazy/overflowing/overwhelming sometimes & crowded all the time but I am making it work while dreaming of 'the perfect scraproom' to have some day.. you know, when I get paid to scrap--HA!

so there you go, a quick peek into my scrap room & at some old pages.  I did create 6 others over the weekend that I CAN share, so hopefully I will get them photographed tonight to share tomorrow. 
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