Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily update

Dec 1 will have no photos to include as my 2 month old good camera decided not to work :( BUT I attended my first Relay for Life mini-Summit in Des Moines & scrapped w/family & friends in the afternoon/evening! so probably just memorabilia
Dec 2 will be photo less unless I fudge & use a Christmas picture of my mother in law we took out to lunch for her Monday birthday. w/the business card I picked up from the restaurant.
<~~~ Dec 3 I attended one of many Christmas programs in the evening (ignore the date on the photo, its set wrong) after Tim brought home an early gift, a PUPPY!!!!! her name was Dora but we changed it to Kora. :) LOVE HER!!!! ~~~>

Dec 4 will probably center around Kora's first day in childcare
Dec 5 will probably be about Kora & Sammy bonding(photo on right) & Honey (the cat) resisting at all cost ;)  & maybe some mention (& receipts) that today is the day I sent my camera to TX for repair.

NOW! to get my body in there (between potty trips for Kora) & get some pages scrapped!
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