Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Right now

loving this feeling of being ahead of the game with my December Daily 2012 supplies ready to go!
enjoying any warm beverage I can wrap my hands around.
cutting down on my Google Reader list of blogs.
planning on starting my DD a couple of days early w/3 littles visiting Santa tomorrow night.
celebrating every day I win the fight over the urge to be doom & gloom
clearing the fridge of Thanksgiving leftovers.
driving Tim crazy w/my holiday spirit
booking December full of fun going-ons! Christmas programs x3-so far...
buying gifts constantly
trying to resist shopping for my self.
listening to Christmas music
hoping to get some big crafty projects done this next month
appreciating sunshiny days.
this is 2010 December Daily that I completed over the past few weeks.
what a fantastic Journey.
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