Friday, May 11, 2012

5 on Friday

I am so excited to see the productivity I have achieved in the past week!  having lists keeps me moving-not a new fact, just one I needed reminded of.  I am being careful to not have so many that I need a list of my lists ;)  So today for my 5 I am going to brag about what got accomplished with a list-hope it doesn't bore you too much :S

  1. tried new cornmeal (that I will be sure to buy more of) by using my May Goals list -and going gung-ho on 3 other items
  2. sold the rest of the children's VHS movies we've had hanging around for no reason for over 4 years (no player).  Love the facebook (city specific) swap group.  not really on a list but it sure started an avalanche, there is now a sack of adult, mature PG-13 & R rated movies bagged up to donate to the public library just to have them out of here too, I sold the dress I wore for Valentine's a while back but never again (red is not my color-nor was the fit), have books at the top of the stairs to take to a new book store opening (free coffee or dessert w/donation-heeeeelllllllllo!), boots I cannot wear anymore also to the stairs to take to cousin, see what I mean?? 
  3. I am on the look out for an electric sander to get moving on a couple of my Twelve in 12 list items.
  4. I have already started my June Goals list
  5. I needed to locate the pearl handled wedding/anniversary cake serving set for the June wedding coming up & I thought they were in my cedar chest at the foot of the bed, in order to get IN it I had to clean it OFF.  it is the largest flat space in our bedroom therefore it collects a lot of clutter when trying to clear other flat spaces around the house so it was quite high.  I was able to clear it without any drama & only minimal sneezing from the dust the things had acquired.  Upon finding the cedar chest FULL I decided to re-thing everything in it.  My infant clothes that were hand made-Keep, my christening gown-Keep, a bag of books from Tim's childhood-Keep, wedding cake top from a now divorced couple-TOSS, barbies in great condition- pull out to re-home, baby doll kit w/handmade blanket & pillow-pull out to re-home, giant plastic ducky bath toy-pull out to re-home, my graduation robe-pull out for childcare dress up box JUST to name a few.... In all, I was able to put in a king size quilt that had been storing under the bed and filled a kitchen size trash bag between the top & inside of the cedar chest.  THAT FEELS GOOD & It wasn't even on a list either.
Right now, I am in a 'get it out' mood so I am being rather ruthless with things that aren't handmade, used regularly or loved deeply.  Several things are leaving the house this weekend, others next week.  Spring Fling, I think so!! :) 
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