Thursday, June 30, 2011


First thing we do when we get to the lake is set up camp-this is not our camp :)  We tent it. Well, Tim, Sam & I tent it. The rest of our group splits between tenting, sleeping in the suburbans or boats.

Then we all gather & maybe cook supper or just sit & chill around the fire.  This is when we are all catching up on each other's weeks, or other happenings since we've been together.

Every morning is a tag team of sorts, start the fire, get the bed of coals good enough to cook on, prep the food, cook the food & eat the food :)
 We are pretty blessed & very thankful for the men in our group love to do breakfast! They do most of our camp cooking in fact. LOVE IT!

 AFTER clean up is complete, we hit the water! AHHHHHH a day of floating, bobbing, drinking, snackin & hanging out! RE.LAX.ING!

<-----Jeff was so proud of his new vessel he was cleaning it, I happened to catch him mid-explanation :)

We swim w/our dogs. Yes even the dogs wear life vests.


maybe even do some fishin'
adore each other's children

 And before we know it, its supper time & we all head for land.  Dry. Still. Land. w/showers. We have a fire & supper which usually happens to be the best food we've ever eaten!
The dogs sleep where they fall, some in the rocks, some in the grass, but yes, they all go to their beds at bedtime.

On Sunday we do it all over again, usually w/less booze, less food & almost always more sun & heat than Saturday blessed us with making us hate to leave.  

The past few years we've developed a fun habit of stopping for a meal on the way home on Sunday.  Here we are waiting on our supper on our last boating weekend.

We are so grateful for our fun boating family that is ever growing & changing but remaining fun & RE.LAX.ING.

how do you relax? do you have a group activity you wouldn't give up?
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