Friday, February 4, 2011

4 on Friday the 4th

1. The local dime store has their fabric on sale tomorrow .. 60% off! I am going to buy my kitchen curtain fabrics. I have no idea of a pattern, or the amount of fabric to get but I am just going to wing it & make do :) I can do that, right?!
ok, so I would love something like this, only less colorful.

and will probably end up w/something like this in different colors/patterns, wish me luck. 

2. That leads to the repair of my sewing machine cord that was partially chewed through by Sammy in the early days. Which we really can't complain about b/c he's only chewed up 3 important things, all being cords, & not getting entirely through any of them.

3. With a messed up week I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful its Friday!!  Monday the kids went all day even tho we started to get our blizzard, Tuesday & Wednesday they were out, yesterday they had a 2 hour delay & today back to normal. This is all fine & good but the littles are ALLLLL messed up not knowing who will be here on what days. TOday was icky grouchy crazy day & they sucked me in no matter what I did & how hard I tried to fight it! BLECK. early lunch, early nap *silence*

4. Scrapping!! I am so excited to be having company tomorrow morning to scrap! Scrapping is a therapy to me & I am happy to share it w/others that may also benefit from it. As well as get their child's books caught up :) 

What are your weekend plans? anything exciting?
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