Sunday, December 26, 2010

Month in review-photo heavy

 Here's a little tour of our home & child care, as well as what I've been up to, instead of blogging, this month ;)

I love this shot of the frost between the  windows & the ornament on the tree in the morning sunshine.

 Last year Grandma handed out boxes of these balls she's made over the years. I was proud & Happy to hang them on our tree this year.
Mom & Bethany on our annual shopping day on the 12th.  First stop-Valley West Mall.
 loved finding music everywhere we went!
 with no littles to put on the fat man's lap I settled for a shot of the scenery.
 hehehe.. one of the fun signs @ Target- a major stop in our day.
 Here they are, checking out :)
 ahhhhhh sweet reward! mmmmmmm love the Target w/a Starbucks included!
The haul @ the end of the day:

Miss Lyla had a preschool Christmas program on the 21st. SOOOOOO cute!!
 I have a great support group in running now.  We've been running outside, yup, even when its 19 degrees! we run on the high school track .  We even have a facebook group, Eat, Pray, Run
 There's been some snuggling going on.. randomly of course.
 we made & packaged up goodies for the neighbors, garbage man, mail man & bus drivers.
 new gel clingies for the windows!
the snowman countdown

 the childcare tree. This tree came w/the house & we used it upstairs our first year. last year it sat in the box.  This year I decided to see if we could handle it & they've done GREAT!! we used cookie cutters for ornaments along w/a few random hanging things.

 the balls we've hung from the ceiling for a few years.
 My snowman dishes we used for the Tastefully Simple party @ the beginning of the month & again for the Girls' night In on the 18th.
 my pooh mug w/the hot tea ball in it YUMMMMMM
 Grandma brought this cutie to me on the 6th after discovering I collect Snowmen too.
 he fits right in on the banister!  here is the card wall gaining weight as the month goes on.
 ahhhhh FFA fruit!! a staple to December in our town!  this is almost gone!
 Mom made this swag for me in the old house! I think it might be time to dress it up a little next year.
 My poor jade nativity! its in a dangerous spot for having a 40# puppy in the house! so far, no casualties to report, we just quit standing them back up.
the new snowman towel from Grandma @Thanksgiving

my snowman families in the living room upstairs

the cinnamon ornaments mmmmm they smell sooooo good!!

 a new winter air freshener I am trying, boiling water w/cinnamon stick+ oranges pierced w/cloves & a few whole all spice.
 the childcare winter movie collection. that only comes out for December!
J&A w/their cinnamon ornament garland they made yesterday, its hanging in the doorway @ the bottom of the stairs. I hope its the first thing everyone smells as they enter.

there you go, our month in review.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
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