Thursday, October 14, 2010

if the broom fits....

Ride it :) 

I bought myself a shirt w/that saying on it a few yrs ago & love it. but I refuse to wear it around my childcare kids. just really not the attitude I want them to see me w/.

BUT when I saw these yesterday, I instantly grabbed photo paper & printed this one:
 I then dug out my frames while watching Criminal Minds last night & had to trim it to fit but I got it framed & ready to go.  Then I tossed around where to hang it.. again, not exactly the positive attitude I try to share w/my little ones so I wanted it out but not in your face :) 

So it went on the banister rail that I love to decorate.....
its such a fun place to decorate as its right in the front door & the first thing everyone sees.   Tho next year there will be a witch shelf somewhere in the Living room (not in sight from the door :( boo!) & this will be the center of it all!

I had hoped to have a childcare craft to share but it looks like the home tour will be tomorrow & craft or 2 next week.  I keep thinking Halloween is right around the corner & it IS but there are still 2 more weeks!! YAY!!!!!!!!  What fun stuff do you have planned?!
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