Friday, October 8, 2010

Five on Friday

for those of you that have been following probably chuckle @ the thought of me containing a list to just 5 points.... hee hee me too! going to give it a shot anyway!
  1. Still reeling from being featured.. I KNOW "give it up Kim really, we've all seen it" but I am flattered beyond words!!!  now I need to take a better picture in natural light, plus I added a jar of skulls into the empty spot. Plus I started & finished that thing in the same day! So incredibly not me but I love it!
  2. We pulled out the pumpkin toys & book yesterday. Love 'new' toys!  Also made an adorable spider that just needs eyes, buttons are located, should be applied today  &  hopefully some friends made to dangle them from the childcare ceiling :) Fun, right??
  3. Daily walks, in Iowa, in October?! Really?! We'll take it!! Hoping to remember the camera today.  Can you believe I haven't taken a single childcare photo & very few personal photos in over a month?! Yikes! Again, not like me.
  4. The coffee is back in the house.  I did really well this summer going caffeine-free Monday thru Friday. Now that the outside temp is cooling off, combined w/the past month of most mornings starting @ 4AM, the coffee has been a welcome necessity.
  5. Going to miss my Farmer's Market! :(  I love visiting w/& learning from the vendors, learning about & trying new produce & of course, the thrill of the hunt.  Its so exciting to go & see what's new, what's still there that I need more of, & its really aided in jump starting my Christmas shopping this year! YAY!!
WOW I did it!! I stopped @ 5!
Logging off now before I change it to 15 ;) Have a great weekend!!!
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