Tuesday, June 29, 2010

true confessions tuesday

oye. the sisterhood started a mini challenge yday that has us journaling everything we eat. bleck. but U know what. it sure had me thinking & then I forgot & had to report this morning :( boo hiss... I won't bore you w/my report as you can find it there & simply put: It ain't pretty! Oh well. today is a new day, fresh slate, starting all over. here.we.go.

now the big confessions:
  • I didn't get much water this weekend
  • I had a york peppermint patty yday for part of my lunch
  • not a little one but a BIG one
  • & I loved it
  • the dog 1/2 mile walk is all the exercise I am getting these days :(
  • maybe this confession will get me on the road w/the kids this morning while its so cool out
  • I drank my last frap in the house today.
  • afraid about starting tomorrow w/o it
  • I hate needing caffeine to start the day
  • feeling a bit of 'if you hate it so much do something about it'
  • how did the confession become a pity party? ew.
  • scared to step on the scale tomorrow
enough! :) today is a beautiful cool morning!!!  its reminding me of State Fair mornings in August. its THAT cool today.  wow! it was so nice last night that I shut the a/c off & opened all the windows & we all slept soooooooooooo good!!! :)  hoping to be able to keep it that way till noon.  the kids were outside playing while I made pancakes for breakfast!! maybe I should apologize to the neighbors that like to sleep past 7am :S oops...

ok here we go!!!!
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