Monday, June 14, 2010


Did I tell you we met this lil guy on Wednesday of last week??? 
FELL IN LOVE. *sigh* puppy love.

Friday night we brought him home, named him Sammy, and introduced him to Gus (our 14 y/o deaf & blind boston terrier) & Honey(our 7 y/o cat). 
  Over the weekend we have worked on:
  1. territory-- that its all Gus's, you are welcome to share but Gus is not about to be able to defend his territory so we are acting on his behalf
  2. pottying outside--every time, even if it is every 1.5 hr.
  3. walking on lead--seriously already :)
  4. fetch, bring it & leave it--he's super smart & beginning to pick up on all of this already! crazy smart dog :)
  5. road trips--dogs ride in the back seat. he did great on his first trip to the lake. this is him crashed w/his head behind the console & snuggled w/the back end of Gus.
  6. drinking from water puddles sometimes results in a bath
  7. there are kids downstairs some days & he'll get to play w/them sometimes but when he gets sleepy, he'll have to go back to his kennel. 

8.  Mostly, remembering that he's a baby--albeit a very smart one, but still a baby learning so much every minute of every day!
Wishing you a great day :)
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