Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Monday.

I almost welcome you.  Our camping weekend got off to a rocky start & then had to end early :(  we had truck trouble on the way & luckily got rescued by some friends w/parts that were behind us an hour :)  then I got sick on Saturday so we packed up &  came home. poo! I was so miserable I really didn't care much tho.  Tim was even a bit ticked that I was willing & trying to tough it out. by suppertime last night I was all better. back to routine today!! the truck is unloaded, laundry is going, the kids are kickin, & the sun is shinin :)  lots of ingredients for a great start to the week!!

I only took 3 usable photos all weekend. Definatly a sign I felt like poo! :) but Sammy camped & boated like a champ!! he even got in for a couple of swims w/us!

More later.. off & running!!!
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