Monday, December 14, 2009

hello monday

we are a little late greeting as I was trying to resist but here I am admitting I have no choice :)

a great little weekend! down time each evening, some small gatherings attended, some BAKING DONE, neighbor gifts delivered & public service worker gifts are leaving the house :) all in all a good time.

Once a Month cooking. I have been dying to do this for years! I have researched, collected, abandoned, & started over but never actually BEGUN the activity! so this weekend I took a baby step. I mixed up a dry onion soup mix & a cream soup mix. both are considerably lower in sodium than the store bought versions. very exciting in my little world!! :)

wow this little bit has taken 3 sits to type so giving up & getting on to doing something intentional w/the little ones here today. Have a great day yourself!
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