Monday, October 26, 2009

ugh Monday

I would love to have another day to the weekend this time! so not ready to be back to work yet here I am.. fed 4 breakfasts, got one off to preschool & 4 off to school, leaving me w/2 littles until the rest of the group arrives.

What a busy weekend & we did NOTHING on the list for yesterday.. my ankle was not happy after the walk on Saturday so I bummed around babying it all day!! was nice but I could so do it again today :) I did have a good time on the walk!! way cool experience! then home to finish the house for company & an AWESOME pampered chef party!!! thanks to all who ordered whether in person or via book! & double thanks to those who came & had fun w/us!!

My ankle decided I had overworked it on Saturday so it decided I needed to bum around yesterday.. was swollen & stiff yesterday morning so I had to skip the shelter work :( & the At home party I wanted to go to! :(( but I had to take care of ME. & I did!!!

this week will be much more laid back!!!! only have Halloween on Saturday to contend w/. YAY!!!!!

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