Thursday, October 8, 2009

only thursday?????

**WOW I feel like it should be Friday... its been a long week again. I have jumped back on the FLYlady wagon :) I've been fluttering off & on for YEARS! I love it when I do it & when I am not I miss it but have no idea why I don't just keep it up. Some things I do 99% of the time are FLYlady.. my morning & my evening routines, including laying my clothes out, but the shining of the sink, keeping the counters orderly, hot spots cleared, everything wiped down/moped -not so good. This week we are focusing on the kitchen (& oh how I love that we focus on one room @ a time!!) & having 2 of them I had to really keep on myself to get it all done.. but so far I have: bleached all inside trash cans -it only called for wiping down & out the kitchen cans, but after having the ickies last week I decided it wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead & bleach them all- along w/lining & replacing each one, clean & wipe off all kitchen counters, while cleaning them off decide what needs to be rehomed-our lemonader & iced tea machine are back in the cupboard for winter :) threw away the coffee maker that wouldn't work, & put the mini chopper back up in the cupboard, seriously looks & feels like our counter top grew 6" in depth!, wipe down the faucets-it called for toothbrush activity but happily, mine didn't need it! today's activity is to wipe appliances down-nothing serious no dismantling or anything just a hot soapy rag & wipe off the drips, dribbles & fingerprints, no problem. Friday will be sweeping & mopping the floors-actually looking fwd to it! ha!

**We also received a letter home from one of the preschools that we have an H1n1 infected child in town *sigh* I was so hoping it would skip us. wash hands wash hands wash hands

**Party season for me. I am holding a book Signature Homestyles party right now to close tomorrow- for the catalog. *I am hosting a Pampered Chef home show the 24th & taking orders until that date. *Then in November I am hosting a Tastefully Simple party also. :) Let me know if I can help yiou w/any Christmas shopping w/these parties!

**Its grey, rainy & chilly out this morning. Could be Pretty depressing if I didn't have a cup of coffee & a manageable to do list by my side.

**I got another page or 2 scrapped last night!! :) will try to get them scanned in today.

Off we go!! Have a great day!!
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