Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Morning!

Oh how wonderful a caffinated morning can be. :) ab-so-stinking-lutely lovely :) we put a cushion @ the bottom of the stairs & moved the gate, I currently have 5 littles playing alligator on the stairs on the their bellies LOL only one has had to leave the party for pushing :) oops make that 2.. the party is over. :( oh well.. it was fun while it lasted.

can we say Girl's Night Out!? whohoooooooo very last minute but some of us girls are hitting the Joey & Rory concert @ the casino tomorrow night for FREE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! hopefully its alot of fun!! :) I am a bit excited.

other than that, this weekend looks to be pretty relaxing w/a dab of shopping, some pumpkin patching, some eating out, & movie night w/my hubby. mmmmm sounds good for the temps they are predicting for us.. they even used the evil 'S' word for Sunday! ewwwwwwwwwwww not YET!!!! I should be able to get the house transformed into Fall :)

the toys are successfully cycled out! now thinking of trying something different for their nap laundry daily storage. the nurses for the QRS don't like my giant Ziplocs (suffocation hazard & all) so thinking stacking baskets just might be the way to go.

I wonder how much more random I can make this post? :) How about if I close in saying that I did manage to finish scrapping the photos from the '04 Branson trip last night during a House marathon & then Grey's & Private Practice! YAY!!!

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